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Sanitas, Sewn into Boulder fabric for the long haul

December 24th, 2021
Picture of Barrel aging beer at Sanitas Brewing

In most ways, Sanitas is similar to a tech start up: they are veterans from other companies in the industry, they knew exactly what they wanted to do, they are way ahead of schedule, they are focused on creating a community and being part of the existing one, they take what they are given by their surroundings and make it a positive situation, they give the customers exactly what they need, even if those customers don’t know it yet and the company always has a good story. The founders, all homebrewers originally, Chris Coyne, Michael Memsic and Zach Nichols all worked at other breweries originally,... Read More

Upslope: 6 Years in the books and what a ride it has been

November 23rd, 2014

Upslope Brewing Company recently held their anniversary party at the new Flatirons location featuring 40+ beers on tap, live music, and food trucks. While they knew it was popular, they didn’t expect to run out of wristbands, they had ordered 2000. Their popularity has shocked even them, but it doesn’t for the rest of us. Even Men’s Journal has them on their radar, naming the Brown Ale as one of America’s top 100 beers. After sitting down with Matt Cutter, founder, I found one particular part of the conversation incredibly interesting, his decision to keep the original Lee Hill location.... Read More

Fate-Expanding At Once!

November 16th, 2014

There is something magical about breweries in Boulder, they always seem to expand head of schedule, and Fate Brewing Company is no different. They have just announced that they are acquiring a new space close to their current facility to expand brewing operations. They will be adding two new 30bbl fermenters, one 10bbl fermenter and two 3bbl fermenters. In addition, they are adding a dedicated bottling, canning, labeling and packaging area. More interestingly, they plan to expand their barrel room, to include not only bourbon, tequila and fresh charred American oak barrels, but to seek out wine... Read More

Wild Woods Brewery-The Best Two Parts of Boulder in One Place

November 9th, 2014

Boulder has to the best place for Erin and Jake Evans to combine their two favorite passions, craft beer and the great outdoors. It’s not often you hear beer described by the words: rocks heated over a fire, Wildflower Honey, toasted almonds, Ponderosa Pine, cake-like, and juniper berries, but that’s exactly what you get when reading the descriptions the outdoors inspired delicacies at Wild Woods Brewery. 8 years ago they moved to Boulder from Wisconsin and starting homebrewing shortly after. They progressed quickly, buying a small professional set up to perfect their system and then searching... Read More

Twisted Pine: Checking in after the expansion, some things changed, some things did not

October 26th, 2014

In 2012 Twisted Pine completed an expansion that allowed them to move production to 6,000 barrels from 3,500, over doubled the amount of interior seating and are now distributing in 12 states. In addition, they have made changes to their brewing line up trimming down year round taps to 9 and keeping 15 open for rotating, seasonals and small batches. Other incremental changes have occurred too, adding a kitchen and their small batch program. “Fresh Tap Fridays” is their program of releasing a new beer every Friday at 4pm. Justin Tilotta, head of sales and marketing for the brewery, loves... Read More

Yes, we really are that spoiled.

October 19th, 2014

Yes, we really are that spoiled By now, all of our livers are clean, our eyes finally cleared and we are finally off the couch after GABF.  The problem, we still live in Boulder, a town of 21 breweries, per the website, fermentedlychallenged.com.  More importantly, if you look at the Brewers Association website, you will see that there are 6 more in the planning phase! The census projections, while not perfect, show a 2013 Population of 103,166 with 86.1% of that being over 18, or roughly 89,000.  Meaning, we currently have a brewery for every 4,238 people over the age of 18.  Not 21, which... Read More