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Heidi Cuppari

Meet Heidi Cuppari, a pioneering change-maker disrupting the spheres of sustainable finance, impact investing, youth entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership. She orchestrates purposeful corporate growth that serves society, crossing boundaries from business and nonprofits to political campaigns. Fanning the flame of future innovators, Heidi's freshly launched podcast, 'Building Dreams For The Future with Youth', is a beacon of inspiration for those eager to transform the world through technology, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

Every venture Heidi spearheads is aimed at redefining traditional financial approaches and fostering meaningful relationships that magnify global impact. She is the linchpin behind ventures like Island17 and Dream Tank, revolutionizing our shared world by harnessing the untapped potential of GenZ, Millennials, and women investors. Through strategic collaborations and a shared vision for societal transformation, she cultivates an army of social entrepreneurs of all ages to reach the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Heidi is a key figure in the tech and art realms, who, through her initiatives, demonstrates how blockchain and cryptocurrency can drive social impact. She is an expert at purpose-driven investment, art curation, and collection, orchestrating a network of meticulously selected finance professionals, ventures, and families. Alongside her children, Heidi has breathed life into a family legacy Art Gallery, Cuppari Mondo Bello Piazza d’Arte, showcasing her father Pasquale Cuppari's work and utilizing virtual worlds and NFTs to elevate art's potential to shape societal consciousness.

Her newest venture, the Playa Puertecito Collaborative, is an ambitious initiative bringing together Jedi leaders from diverse sectors to build a sustainable community in Playa Puertecito, a picturesque location on the Sea of Cortez. This Collaborative seeks to inspire innovation, particularly among the youth, and includes remarkable partners like the PeaceJam Foundation and Dream Tank, pushing towards the collective ambition of creating Zolt-ha - The New Atlantis, a regenerative eco-village conceived by the young and the experienced alike.

But Heidi's work isn't just about grand visions; she's also helping individuals redefine their financial relationships. Her "Financial Attunement" Sessions provide the perfect opportunity for you to reassess and harmonize your financial and meaningful goals. As Heidi’s primary offering, these sessions are an excellent first step to engage and collaborate with her. The resources from these sessions will fund her projects and continue to push forward her initiatives.

With every step she takes, whether in her professional pursuits, her volunteer work, or her role as a mother, Heidi embodies her mission: to align global social impact with collaborative action. Don't just watch from the sidelines; join her in this journey towards creating a healed planet and a peaceful world. Book your Financial Attunement Session today and start playing your part in this grand vision.

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