Sushi originated in Southeast Asia between the fifth and third centuries BC as a method of preserving raw fish in fermented rice. Fish that had been gutted and salted and wrapped in fermented rice could be kept for months without spoiling. The practice spread to southern China before reaching Japan in the 8th century.

According to IBISWorld there are 18,703 Sushi Restaurants businesses in the US as of 2022, an increase of 3.9% from 2021.

Here are the top seven rated sushi restaurants in Boulder, Colorado, based on the most recent TripAdvisor rankings:

1 – Japango

2 – Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar

3 – Sushi Zanmai

4 – Motomaki

5 –  AOI Sushi and Izakaya

6 –  Tasuki

7 – Whole Foods Market