Circus Foundry, Denver’s premier contemporary circus company, is proud to announce the  opening of their latest show “Smoke & Mirrors” this September at theaters in Boulder and Denver. They will be in Boulder at the Dairy Arts Center 2590 Walnut St, September 2nd / September 3rd. This new artistic production features acrobatics, aerial arts, juggling, dance, and more.

Using compelling stage imagery the audience is invited to drift into a world of darkness and light. The show explores the dichotomies of reality versus imagination. “Smoke & Mirrors” traverses the themes of misdirection, duality, and identity. In a world full of uncertainty, does authenticity truly lie in our reflections or are they obscured by our own biases and societal expectations?

While many members of Circus Foundry have already had prestigious careers performing for elite entertainment companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Royal Caribbean, Marvel, and So You Think You Can Dance (among others), they formed their own company in 2019, with the intent to have more creative control and bring their vision of contemporary circus to Colorado. Having already self-produced over 9 shows locally across Colorado (several to sold out audiences), “Smoke & Mirrors” is the latest production to hit the stages of Denver and Boulder, offering stunning stage imagery and thrilling acrobatics. This multidisciplinary ensemble cast will have you glued to your seat! And as if flying through the air wasn’t impressive enough, Circus Foundry has also put considerable effort into supporting their surrounding Colorado communities by engaging in “social circus.”

Most of the cast are Colorado natives and rather than continuing to pursue promising circus careers elsewhere, they have decided to cultivate high-level circus here in their home state. According to Bethel Lindsley, co-founder and artistic director of Circus Foundry, social circus provides opportunities for underserved communities to have access to arts and movement. For this production they partnered with “Shine Music Festival” committed to providing accessibility and inclusivity for all at music events and concerts.

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