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Flexibility: Good for more than just yoga.

June 23rd, 2014

I hate the term “think outside the box.” First, because it’s trite. Second, because it’s so limited. Yeah, I said it. Instead of “thinking outside the box,” why not think about how to expand your box? And if you could, with what else would you fill it? For Sanitas Brewing Company, that box includes delicious, awesome microbrews… and weekly yoga. Every Tuesday, for $15, you can go take a yoga class in the brewery. And unlike other yoga classes around town, this one includes a pint after class. Jenna Bee, owner of Bee Yoga, is as flexible in her approach... Read More

Three Wineries and a Brewery

June 13th, 2014

Ever heard the term “industry cluster?” What about “urban agglomeration?” The economic theory goes back to the 1890s… wait! Don’t go! This actually really relevant, really cool, and means a conglomeration of local booze options! Boulder has made innovative use of clusters — Boulder Chamber of Commerce has gone so far as to create a “Blueprint 3.0” initiative, having launched its “Team Boulder” website to infuse a sense of intention in the city’s start-up prowess. Becoming the “Silicon Valley of the Rockies” was... Read More

Solar Roadways Now Hiring!

May 27th, 2014

This was a weekend for celebrations: Memorial Day across America; the Bolder Boulder and Boulder Creekfest in Boulder; and — especially for co-founders Julie and Scott Brusaw in Idaho — a successful Indiegogo campaign for Solar Roadways. As of this writing, the campaign, which sought $1m in crowdfunding, has received $1.4m, with five more days to go before deadline. That’s big news with big implications. On paper, Solar Roadways could solve, well, most of our most seemingly unsolvable issues. According to the company’s estimates, replacing the current asphalt- and concrete-based... Read More

The F Word

May 20th, 2014

Boulder continues to make national headlines as America’s Startup Capital. In honor of another successful Boulder Startup Week, we launch our business blog with a topic particularly relevant to the new and/or aspiring business owner: the F word. No, it’s not four letters, but the contention could certainly be made that it should be. As if the future isn’t unnerving enough, Dear Entrepreneur, you’re expected to be able to predict it. With pinpoint accuracy. No, the “F word” is not Future. It’s Forecast. Your business, marketing, and sales plans are excellent... Read More