Boulder, Colorado is known for its snowy winters, with an average of over 80 inches of snowfall annually. There are several reasons why this area receives so much snow. First, Boulder is located at an elevation of around 5,400 feet, which means that it is higher than many surrounding cities and towns. Higher elevation typically means cooler temperatures, which can contribute to more snowfall. In addition, the city is located near the Rocky Mountains, which can produce moisture-rich weather systems that can result in heavy snowfall. Finally, Boulder’s location on the eastern slope of the mountains means that it is subject to upslope snowstorms. These storms occur when moist air is forced up the mountain slope, causing it to cool and resulting in heavy snowfall. Overall, the combination of high elevation, proximity to the Rocky Mountains, and the effects of upslope storms all contribute to Boulder’s reputation as a snowy city.

Boulder, Colorado has experienced several significant snowstorms throughout its history. Here are some of the biggest snowstorms in Boulder, along with the locations affected:

  1. April 23-25, 1935: This storm dropped 44.6 inches of snow on Boulder over three days. The storm impacted much of the state of Colorado, causing widespread power outages and transportation disruptions.
  2. December 20-24, 1982: Known as the “Christmas Blizzard,” this storm dropped 24.1 inches of snow on Boulder. Many roads were closed, and several buildings collapsed under the weight of the snow.
  3. October 24-25, 1997: This early-season snowstorm dropped 14.5 inches of snow on Boulder, causing widespread power outages and transportation disruptions. The storm was unusual for its timing, as most snowstorms in Boulder occur in the winter months.
  4. March 18-19, 2003: This storm dropped 22.2 inches of snow on Boulder over two days. The storm was part of a larger system that impacted much of the central and western United States.
  5. December 20-21, 2006: This storm dropped 15.9 inches of snow on Boulder. The storm caused several car accidents and transportation disruptions, but no major damage was reported.

These are just a few of the biggest snowstorms that Boulder has experienced. The city is located in an area that is prone to heavy snowfall, and residents are well-prepared to deal with these types of weather events.