Professional portrait of Leonard Frieling in a tropical tuxedo and a Panama Hat. They're all made in the Ecuador.

Lenny’s journey to international acclaim started in Boulder, Colorado, where he has practiced law for decades. His multifaceted talents extend far beyond the courtroom, and his photography is a testament to his creative prowess. Through his lens, he captures moments that not only make people smile but transport them to another world.

One of Lenny’s most remarkable qualities is his ability to trade the formalities of law for the warmth of storytelling. His posts are an exquisite blend of visual and emotional narratives that resonate with people from all walks of life. His visit to the Denver Zoo, with the lion whisperer, was a prime example of this.

In this heartwarming encounter, Lenny shared the magic of the moment as he stood mere feet away from these majestic creatures. Through his photographs and words, he allowed his audience to experience the profound connection between humans and animals. It was a tale of trust, respect, and the beauty of the natural world, all seen through the eyes of his camera.

Lenny Frieling’s talent as a photographer hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s received the prestigious accolade of Photographer of the Month from, and was recently inducted into their Hall of Fame for Photographers. This is a testament to his dedication and skill in capturing the essence of Boulder’s local beauty. His photographs are more than just images; they are windows into the soul of the city and its inhabitants.

Lenny Frieling photo of Brainard Lake at 10,396 feet

Beyond the accolades and global attention, Lenny remains a gem in his community. His missions extend beyond his photography, and he continues to inspire and uplift those around him. His ability to make people smile through his work is a gift.

As Lenny Frieling continues to pursue his passion for photography and law, one can only anticipate the remarkable stories and moments he will share with the world. His journey from a local Boulder lawyer to a worldwide photographer and storyteller is a testament to the power of passion and creativity. Keep up the good work, Lenny, for you are a true gem in our local and global community.

Two lines, head over head. Both staring at the viewer, with the top one staring right at the viewer. Background is dark rock, and looks like a dark grey photo studio background curtain. Technically not perfect, not crisp focus, but STRONG emotion and wonderful connection with the viewer. Where does the picture end and the "real world" start?

male and female american goldfinches on a feeder. The males are bright yellow with black and white striping on the wings. The females are generally pale gray yellow where the males are bright. Black cap. My signature is to have bird looking right at me. I think this draws the viewer in, and adds emotion to the pic. I think that if there is no emotion in the pic, then it is record of what you see, perhaps not art.