Sean is a juggler, student, musician and traveler. He has been juggling for two or three years now. “I initially got into it for the music scene,” Sean said. He told me he “was playing a lot of gigs that attracted jugglers,” and that’s what initially peaked his interest. Now, years later, Sean juggles daily. He told me that he tries to aim for at least thirty minutes to an hour of practice each day. I got it out of him that he does indeed juggle fire, ladies and gentlemen. However, he said it was much easier to practice when he was living in New Zealand where the climate was moister. Apparently dropping a flaming wand on the grass there is a lot less dangerous than here in Boulder. But hey – we’ll take our 300 plus days of sunshine per year. I’m sure Sean was happy to take advantage of one of them today. He was enjoying the sun and nice weather after a stressful day of studies.