Fresh Thymes can be found on 2500 30th St. #101 in Boulder. It is a must for a healthy lunch, fabulous dinner, or even worth a trip to help a sweet tooth! I walked into Fresh Thymes only to be greeted by a friendly and almost all female staff. I stood awkwardly not realizing that you look at the menu, order, and then sit wherever you like. The restaurant is so fancy and so modern, it looks like a sit down place; it functions more like a deli. The food can also be taken to go. A nice woman behind the counter informs me how everything works. I get in line and decide to order food from the buffet.

I choose to sit at the bar. Colorful lights, light wood, tin, and bright colors decorate the walls. Before long the entire meal has been prepared and laid out for me. Most of my meal consists of pesto, as I am a big fan of it. The meat was cooked so beautifully. It was hearty and filling and went well with the pesto dip.

The seasonal tart with the kale, goat cheese, caramelized onion, dates, and chimichurri was as wonderful as it sounds. It was sweet, healthy, and flavorful. Every bite was filling and rich. The seasonal tart with arugula, pesto, formalized onion, and mushroom was just as delicious. I am not a big fan of salad, but the arugula tasted almost sweet paired with everything else.

The meal was a must for anyone. The restaurant is entirely gluten free, they also cater to food allergies, and have only healthy food options. The menu had things like tarts, meats, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. I imagined if I lived around the corner I would come almost everyday. The staff was friendly and surprisingly almost all women. I would recommend some of the many things I didn’t get to try like the local pastured red chili pork, the rosemary flat bread, the brine grilled chicken, or the ginger garlic beef!

Before walking out the door, you must have one of their desserts. They have little bars, cookies, and tarts of all kinds, cuts so precisely and decorated so beautifully. They have a house magic bar, a raw power brownie, cranberry coconut cookies, and lemon cashew cheesecakes to name a few! I still have half a bar wrapped up in my fridge that I am saving for later!

Fresh Thymes was a wonderful place to share a meal. I will certainly be returning often. The staff, the quality, and the taste of the food is such a rare trinity! It is most certainly worth a trip.

Sierra is a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She loves creative writing and gut wrenching stories of people and their lives. Sierra is a gluten free snacker with an attention to food allergies, and is a self professed super taster. Her current obsessions include social justice, photographing human subjects, and binge watching Netflix shows. Sierra has lived in Rifle, Gunnison, and Fort Collins. She currently divides her time between Boulder, Denver, and Loveland soaking up all that the Front Range has to offer.