Sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine with a very unique selection and etiquette. In Boulder, Colorado it seems unlikely that seafood would be of premium quality – but unmistakably, the proximity of Denver International Airport proves this wrong!

There are many types of sushi. There are large rolls called Makisushi (think California rolls). These types of rolls are a great place to start if you are trying sushi for the first time. One of my favorite simpler rolls is the Yellowtail Jalepeno roll from Sushi Hana.

There are also more complicated rolls, such as the hilariously named “Orgasm” roll from Hapa Sushi, located on Pearl Street.

For a more adventurous sushi experience, you could order sashimi sushi, which are pieces of raw fish laid upon a bed of rice, or alone. The King Salmon sashimi at Hapa Sushi includes about 8 pieces of delicious fresh and raw salmon. It is absolutely delicious!

If you aren’t big into “raw” seafood, there are also some rolls that are super fried to perfection, such as the Godzilla roll from Sushi Hana. It is a warm, tempura fried roll with spicy Tuna inside. Sushi Hana is an affordable option located on the University Hill – perfect for college students.

Another great option for college students is Motomaki. This restaurant features “sushiritos” (burrito sushi rolls) and sushi bowls, which include all the ingredients of typical sushi rolls, but bigger and better! Motomaki also delivers through Hungry Buffs.

Some other great restaurants in Boulder are Japango, Hapa Sushi, Sushi Tora, Kasa Japanese Grill, and Sushi Zanmai.

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Photo courtesy of Christine Hopkins, and @foodie_boco on Instagram

Photo courtesy of Christine Hopkins, and @foodie_boco on Instagram