Photo Credit: Sancho’s Restaurant

Boulder’s best breakfast burrito, a classic dish smothered in green chiles and cheese, is made inside a shopping mall. Sancho’s Mexican restaurant, home of the aforementioned to-die-for burrito, is a hidden gem buried inside Diagonal Plaza mall, one of those half-abandoned 90’s relic spaces sparsely scattered with tattoo parlors and insurance agencies.

The restaurant prides itself on its Mexican authenticity, which is reflected in the restaurant’s colorful decor and house made jugs of horchata and agua de jamaica resting on the self-serve counter. The atmosphere is free of pretension and has the feel of dining at home; two big screen TVs play popular cable channels in the far corners and the tables are a square dark wood and easy to push together for an office lunch or gals night out. In the corner adjacent to the kitchen is this restaurant’s grand jewel: the salsa bar.  Packed full of rich sauces, the salsa bar is equipped with rows of ramekins and serving spoons, suggesting that the diner can fill up their plate with as many sauces as their heart desires.

The menu is filled with Mexican classics: tamales, burritos, tacos, and other Mexican staples. My personal favorite is the chiles rellenos, served spicy or mild. These poblano cheese-stuffed peppers are absolutely delicious and are paired with rice, beans, and corn tortillas.

Sancho’s is among the highest rated restaurants on Yelp, earning an exclusive 4.5 stars, putting it on par with the Buff and Arcana. Sancho’s proves that Boulder prioritizes restaurants with good food. I can’t recommend this place enough.


Katy Caballeros moved to Boulder from Grand Rapids, MI. She studied English and writing at Aquinas College and pursued a liberal arts career path gone crooked, occupying jobs ranging from telemarketer to kindergarten phonics tutor. Passionate about local advocacy, Katy admires Boulder’s proclivity towards progress, scholarship, and environmentalism. When she isn’t writing or listening to KUNC, Katy likes to explore local cafes and bookstores with her partner, Em. Passionate about motivating young people, Katy is an assistant coach for the Boulder High School cheerleading team (Go Panthers!). Grateful to be welcomed into the Boulder community, Katy wants to give back by informing Boulderites about the best places to play and visit in their community.