Every decision in life is informed by your values. The more conscious you are of those values, the more satisfied and successful you will be.

For example, if you’re going out to grab a quick lunch in Boulder:

Is your impulse to get Fast Food– maybe because you value convenience, you love the taste, or you’re on a budget?

Or would you be more likely to go get something from a store like Alfalfa’s– because it’s healthier, it’s local, or your friends hang out there?

As much as our values influence our lives, it’s common for them to play more of a subconscious role in our decision-making. A lot of times these subconscious influences aren’t even values we’ve consciously chosen, but rather a habit or norm we’ve inherited from our family, friends, the media, or even our younger selves.

The presidential primary campaigns are a perfect mirror of how different values are in this country right now– from those like Bernie Sanders who oppose plutocracy (wealth-based government) to those who emblazon it like Donald Trump. In the end, the success of those campaigns will be a product of voter values– whether conscious or not.

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Your power comes from bringing consciousness to your values.

Unlike past generations where tradition prevailed, modern lives require adaptability and are informed by rapid change and the freedom of choice.

As a transformational coach, helping my clients get clear about their current values and priorities is the key to helping them create the lives they’re wanting. Almost everyone I work with struggles with “shoulds” that cause them stress and often prevent them from pursuing what brings them the most joy.

However, as soon as you get clear about what really matters to you, and consciously choose to live from this place of inner truth, what once might have felt like an overwhelming challenge can transform into a joy-filled journey of embodiment.

The truth is, success is subjective. No one can define success for you, and by defining your unique values you define your own brand of success.

The other secret to this strategy is that satisfaction comes from the journey not the destination. Goals are one of the ways you can define your values and priorities, but those goals will always be a moving target. It’s not about where you get to, it’s how you get there.

Shifting your focus to values-based success allows you to experience every choice as a small victory on your path to living a conscious, fulfilling life. It reflects and cultivates inner strength, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your happiness.

Remember, modern values are often changing, so regularly review your values and priorities to stay empowered in creating the life you want.