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The Art of Productivity and How to Get it All Done

May 17th, 2020
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Happy Monday? What’s on your schedule for this week? Think you’ll get it all done? Productivity is an art. Art is a creative process that enrolls our entire brain to participate. Logic, memory, perception, organization, abstract thinking, judgment, reasoning, and attention all work cohesively to produce this magic. Productivity measures the efficiency of production. What will you produce this week and how will you stay efficient while you make your dreams come true? Productivity is more of a dance than a linear process. So it is an art, not a science. The magic comes from your quiet mind,... Read More

10 Quick Tips for Working from Home – Boulder Goes Remote

March 20th, 2020

Welcome to the world of remote work! It can be a beautiful thing, however it takes a different level of self-discipline and prioritization to stay productive. Here are my 10 quick tips based on 4+ years of successful remote work: 1. Keep a Schedule Set your alarm at the same time every morning and have a  morning routine (just without the stress of having to go sit in traffic). Don’t take working from home as an opportunity to sleep in and be lazy, or you won’t get anything done! Give yourself a set amount of time for lunch and don’t shut off the computer before a designated... Read More