If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift to get your friends with dogs, it may be wise to give them a leash. That, or maybe some classes.

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Effective on January 1st, Boulder will be introducing new requirements for the Voice and Sight Control program. What are the new requirements? Well, here’s the rundown:

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  • What it is: Dog owners who wish to walk their dogs without a leash must attend an education class about Boulder‘s new expectations. In return, dog owners will receive a special blue tag for their furry companion, which will allow dogs to be legally off-leash.
  • What to bring: Boulder residents will need a City of Boulder dog license for each dog to be registered, and non-residents must provide proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination.
  • What it costs: Registration fees are $13 for residents, $33 for Boulder County residents not in the City of Boulder, and $75 for Non-Boulder County residents. This provides registration for one person and one dog, and additional family members can be registered for an additional $5 per person.
  • Where to register: Click on this link to register your dog today!

The program hopes to counter ongoing complaints about dogs chasing wildlife and not responding to commands. This program also means that open space rangers will be hiking overtime in the coming months to ensure everyone either has a leash or a blue tag on their dogs. However, the city says they are not expecting “an enforcement nightmare.”

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Previously, dog owners simply paid a one-time fee and watched an online video to get a green tag. This wasn’t working as effectively as Boulder wanted, however, so dog owners now must take an in-person class and renew the tag annually.

In short, for anyone who likes to hike with their dog, it’s definitely a good idea to get a blue tag over the holidays.