Credit: amazingheartfarm.com

While summer in Boulder is lovely and warm, it can also be a bore. If you find that you’ve grown tired of lounging on the porch watching Netflix, it might be time to consider putting yourself to good use. Boulder is teaming with volunteer opportunities. Dust off that Cheeto dust and make your community a better place. After all, Harry, Ron and Hermione will still be fighting the good fight when you get back.

Boulder County

Boulder County supplies countless services to the community. They provide much needed assistance to a diverse population, and as a result have plenty of opportunities to get involved. Be engaged in your community and see how you might contribute!

City of Boulder-Open Space and Mountain Parks

Hiking in Boulder is like eating poutine while you’re in Canada; you’ve just got to do it. While we all love to enjoy our trails, someone’s got to be the man behind the curtain making sure they stay in tip top shape. If you feel like you would like to be this benevolent person, check out OSMP here.

Growing Gardens

Get outside while helping your community. Growing Gardens is an organization that supports community growth through gardening and sustainable agriculture. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or are just tired of being inside, sign up and give back through some good old fashioned manual labor.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Puppies are everyone’s best friend. Take a few for a walk and help the Humane Society in their efforts to support pet health within the community.

Pro-tip: This list is far from comprehensive. If nothing catches your eye, check out http://volunteer.unitedwayfoothills.org/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Search_Page to find your perfect way to get involved.