Wednesday - October 4, 2023

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Boulder’s Best Sports Bars: Yelp’s Top 10 Rated Venues

September 29th, 2023

Boulder, Colorado, boasts one of the most vibrant sports bar scenes in the state, and there are several compelling reasons behind its popularity. At the heart of this phenomenon is the strong presence of the University of Colorado Boulder and its sports teams. The University of Colorado Boulder’s athletic programs, including football, basketball, and soccer, have a dedicated following. The local community, as well as students, rally around these teams, creating a passionate sports culture. Consequently, the city’s sports bars become natural hubs for fans to come together and support... Read More

A Toast to Boulder’s Dive Bar Culture: Where Eccentricity Meets Friendship

June 29th, 2023

A dive bar is typically a tiny, unpretentious, diverse, old-style drinking establishment with cheap drinks; it might have dim lighting, dated or worn-out decor, neon beer signs, packaged beer sales, cash-only service, and a local clientele. Dive bar, which was once thought to be a derogatory term, is now a coveted badge of honor bestowed by enthusiasts seeking authenticity in such establishments. Here are some of the top  rated Dive Bars in Boulder, Colorado based on Yelp reviews: 1 – Sundown Saloon 2 –  Darkhorse 3 – Press Play 4 – Bluff Street Bar & Billiards 5 –... Read More