There are numerous hidden gems to visit in Boulder. Here are the top three rated hidden gems in Boulder, Colorado according to the most recent Trip Advisor reviews:

1 – Eldorado Canyon – The Colorado State Park system includes Eldorado Canyon State Park. It was founded in 1978 and is situated in Boulder County, close to the city of Boulder. The park is 885 acres in size and offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Eldorado Canyon stands out as a destination for local rock climbers. The state park is well-known for its stunning sandstone walls, which are dotted with thousands of rock climbing routes. Any serious Boulder climber should not pass up the opportunity to experience the world-class routes in Eldorado Canyon.



2 – Boulder Creek Path – Over five miles of Boulder Creek Path follow the water’s edge from East Boulder’s 55th Street to west Boulder Canyon, passing past city parks, the CU campus, and the heart of downtown Boulder. On this well-used path, you may expect to see a lot of other people walking, blading, running, or cycling. Except for the gravelly section at the westernmost end, the walkway is paved the entire way. USA Today ranked it as one of the best urban biking trails in the country.



3 -Shelby American Collection

The Boulder, Colorado-based Shelby American Collection Historic Car Museum was founded in 1996. Dedicated to Carroll Shelby and the history of the Shelby American Team.  The Shelby American Collection is fortunate to house some of the most important Shelby American vehicles ever produced. The generosity of many Shelby owners and collectors has made this possible. The Miller Family Automobile Foundation also has cars in the Collection.

Photo credit: Car and Driver