Wandering into the children’s wing of the Boulder Public Library, my attention was unexpectedly grabbed by the sound of silly songs and laughter from the back of the otherwise quiet room. As I made my way through the colorful, book lined aisles seeking the source, I found Melanie finishing up a planning session for an upcoming children’s story time.

Meet Melanie!

This cheery 15 year Boulder resident is the Youth Services Specialist there at the library. Originally from Ogden, Utah, she came to Boulder seeking a more progressive atmosphere but wanting to stay within the charm of the Rocky Mountains. When Melanie isn’t working she spends her time reading, dining in any one of Boulder’s plethora of mouth-watering restaurants and dancing! Her favorite part of living here is the people and their open-mindedness along with the natural beauty.  This self proclaimed “Dead-Head” spoke of her days following bands around in her beloved VW Bus and that’s just another thing I love about Boulder, even the local librarian will surprise you!

Melanie, thank you for your candor, it was truly a pleasure meeting you!