From the weekly Farmer’s Market to First Day of Summer celebrations, Boulder has got you covered for events and outings around town this week. Dive below the ocean’s surface at Fiske Plentarium’s presentation of “Habitat Earth” and ‘Liquid Sky’ Shows, join the Capitol One Cafe and Peet’s coffee for their First Day of Summer BBQ, or head over to CU’s  Shakespeare Festival on campus. Whatever floats your boat, Boulder is sure to have something for everyone this week.

Tuesday 6/20

Join the Fiske Planetarium on CU’s campus for a showing of “Habitat Earth.” Explore the unique and far reaching dynamics between human and ecological networks. The film will run for 1 hour, which includes a 30minute interactive discussion after the film ends. Encrouaged for all ages, the event runs from 10am-11am. Tickets and more information available Here.

Wednesday 6/21

Join the Capitol One Cafe and Peet’s Coffee at the corner of Pearl and 13th St for an open to the public, first come first serve, First Day of Summer BBQ. With chances to win free coffee, games, and a delicious food spread, this is a great way to stop by, grab a bite, and enjoy the official arrival of Summer.

From 4pm-8pm there will also be the usual downtown Boulder Farmer’s Market. Come out and support local businesses, enjoy endless craft beer, and local talent while grabbing the freshest fruits and veggies for your Summer BBQ cookoffs. Located by Central Park downtown, the Farmer’s Market is open to the public, but please make sure to leave your furry legged friends at home.

Thursday 6/22

Couldn’t get enough of Fiske Planetariums amazing show? Head back for their Liquid Sky: Laser Gaga show. Complete with mind-blowing visuals timed and tuned perfectly to Lady Gaga’s music, your Thursday night just got a whole lot more exciting. Tickets and information can be found Here.

Friday 6/23

If Lady Gaga isn’t for you, perhaps Pink Floyd in mind-blowing digital theater is more your style. Fiske Plaentarium will also be hosting Liquid Sky: The Wall—showcasing Pink Floyd’s greatest songs from their album The Wall, set to stunning visuals and art, this event is sure to intrigue and impress nearly everyone. Information and tickets are available Here.

And of course, as awlays, there is plenty more to do and see in Boulder this week. Check out the weekend Farmer’s Market, Rocky Mountain Brew Runs, or some of the various dancing events throughout town this week. There is always another event or concert waiting for you just around the corner.

A senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Martine studies English Creative Writing and actively pursues areas of study such as visual arts, linguistics, psychology, peace studies, and much more. Since middle school, Martine’s passion for life and its journey has translated into her writing—fostering a need for constantly new surroundings and unique experiences. This has led her to write not only about life in a ‘rose-colored’ glasses manner, but has also strengthened her love of photography. She loves spending her free time with outside with her dog and camera; shooting life in way that not only captures natural beauty, but also emphasizes the hidden details of her surroundings by taking the path less hiked. Since moving to Boulder, Martine has fallen in love with rock climbing and hiking, leading her to spend many sunny afternoons in various parts of the front rage and further strengthening her love of nature. With the Flat Irons as her backdrop, Martine is never in need of inspiration and aims to reveal the hidden treasures Colorado has to offer.