Tuesday - June 6, 2023

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Awe-Inspiring Must-See: Barker Dam’s Spill Unleashes an Unforgettable Natural Spectacle

June 6th, 2023

Barker Reservoir has overflowed due to recent rains and increased snowmelt and runoff, which is a natural and expected occurrence that will boost flows in Boulder Creek across the city. During this high flow phase, which might last weeks, residents should use caution around the creek. Whenever the weather gets warmer in the spring, melting mountain snow causes an increase in stream flows. Peak stream flows at lower elevations are preceded by the filling and overflowing of mountain reservoirs. Weather, snowpack, and reservoir levels in the early spring all have a role in determining when the Barker... Read More

The Rapids of Boulder Creek are Now Moving Even More Rapidly

June 4th, 2014

Due to Colorado’s recent monsoon season, river levels have begun to rise an extraordinary amount. River levels in the spring are typically much lower, and Boulder has had to make a few adjustments because of this. For example, at Boulder Creek Fest, the normally calm river was turning parts of the creek area into swampland. The annual Boulder Creek Rubber Duck Race was even moved to an inflatable pool due to the river levels being too high. The Creek Fest wasn’t the only thing that was effected, however. The Boulder Creek Path’s underpasses have also been flooded recently, and... Read More