Nate is an avid runner here in Boulder. He is currently a junior studying astrophysics at CU. After his studies, Nate puts every ounce of his leftover energy towards progressing his passion. To him, running is more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle. Unfortunately, he recently suffered a couple of injuries skiing in Summit County. Nate left the mountain with torn ligaments in his arm and ankle that day. That’s not keeping him from training though; he still finds a way around those obstacles to keep in shape. He follows a strict diet to make sure his body is in tip-top shape and also trains every day. Nate’s current goal is to be ready for an ultramarathon by this summer. He hopes to compete in the Golden Gate Dirty 30, which is a fifty kilometer race through the Rocky Mountains. Nate has big dreams, but he’s also got what it takes to chase them – and catch em’ too.