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Nearly 300 Fewer Coronavirus Deaths in Colorado Than Previously Thought

May 16th, 2020

The Colorado Department of Health released new figures on Friday changing how they categorized COVID-19 deaths. These changes have come as the Department of Health begins sorting through cases of coronavirus deaths to determine whether the cause of death was from coronavirus or whether there was an alternative death in a person who happened to be positive for coronavirus. So far, there have been about 300 fewer deaths than previously thought. The discrepancy has to do with how the Department of Health categorizes deaths when it reports them federally. Additionally, the state “emphasized that... Read More

Why Shootings are Discussed, then Forgotten

December 2nd, 2015

In light of the recent tragedy in Colorado Springs, we would like to discuss some shootings that took place in Boulder County.  Then we will share some thoughts on why shootings explode into social consciousness and then, just as quickly, expire. Despite it’s consistently high rankings on “best places to live” lists around the country Boulder is not free from violent crimes, nor from shootings associated with them. Whether it is the police pulling the trigger or regular citizens the effect on the community is the same. There is no time to brace for a bullet. There is no consolation... Read More