Saturday - December 9, 2023

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Boulder Behind Bars: Grasping the True Cost of Attorney’s Fees in Criminal Cases

December 5th, 2023

Legal pickles can be sour, but finding the right lawyer shouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s add some flavor to this journey!  From traffic tickets to more serious charges, legal troubles can knock on anyone’s door. You’re not alone. But fear not, the perfect lawyer is out there. You’ve read Selecting the Perfect Lawyer on AboutBoulder.com.  You’ve identified one, two or more lawyers to have an initial consultation with. Some charge for that initial meeting, while most do not charge. At my firm in Boulder, Dolan+Zimmerman [720-610-0951] we do not charge... Read More

Boulder County Flood Relief

September 24th, 2013

After facing the devastating floods that began on September 11, the result of an eight-day period in which The National Weather Service reported between 7 and 18 inches of rain, Boulder County has maintained its resolve and continues to rebuild. After the natural disaster, which destroyed approximately 2,000 homes, cut off entire towns, and washed away countless roads, hundreds of people were reported to be missing or unaccounted for. That number diminished quickly, however, as people checked in to authorities and on Tuesday, it was reported that the final six missing people were found to be safe. Of... Read More