Hopefully you had a chance to check out yesterdays article highlighting Forbes conclusion that Boulder is the best place to launch a business.  Many out of Towner’s visit the Boulder landscape to report Boulder is primarily a group of environmentally friendly based liberals that all smoke legal pot in excess while chatting and boasting about their latest Marathon times.  The truth is, Boulder is a diverse demographic with many young professionals who more often by percentage (Forbes) than anywhere else successfully start companies that reach outstanding success and international recognition.

The first company I would like to highlight is Celestial Seasonings.  In 1969, a group of young entrepreneurs picked herbs from the Rocky Mountains dried them in their cottage, and packaged them in Muslin bags to be sold at local farmers markets.   An idea intended to encourage people to lead healthier lives, ended up creating a great company with a great vision.  Today Celestial Seasonings is the largest specialty tea provider in North America and source over a hundred ingredients form over 35 countries.

If natural Chai isn’t your cup of tea then why not add some seltzer to natural juice to make a great product.  In 2002, Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh founded Izze products in Boulder by combining seventy percent fruit juice and thirty percent seltzer water creating an amazing product.  Izze is short for Isabelle, the daughter of Todd Wolonson and the company has since been purchased by Pepsi only to aid in the marketing direction while preserving the well received formula.  Blackberry, Pomegranate, Clementine (my favorite), Apple, Cranberry, and Peach are a few of the popular Izze flavors.

After the Government made Boulder the prime location for the National Center for Atmospheric Research many tech companies followed and moved a large number of professionals and departments out West to, Boulder.  IBM, Exabyte, StarageTek, and most recently Google and Twitter have moved large parts of their Technology departments to Boulder.  During this initial surge after the establishment of the NCAR, Boulder doubled in size and ten years later was creeping up on seventy thousand residents!  Let’s not forget the renown CU professor Marvin Caruthers, who founded the biotech company Amgen which led to a string of industry leading Biotech firms totaling in a net worth of 6 billion dollars.