It may be hard to believe there’s only two weeks left in March, although it has been feeling a lot like spring already. In the spirit of the changing season, here are three fresh events for the upcoming week.


Starting off on Tuesday the 21st from 6:30-8:30 is the Courage Club: Relationship addition.  This event, as the name suggests, focuses on improving a relationship in your life, but not just romantic ones.  They will help with relationships of all kinds, such as roommates, family, co-workers, and purely social ones.  This Club will teach you about how fear may be affecting you in ways you aren’t aware of, and then showing you how to embrace that fear rather than recoiling from it.  Register early for a $10 ticket, or $15 for two if you bring someone along.

Quentin Tarantino’s hit film Pulp Fiction will be screened this Friday the 24th at the Boulder Theater for one night only.  This exciting, funny, and overall engrossing film follows three seemingly unrelated stories that eventually weave together in a fully satisfying way.  Strong dialog and incredible performances bring these characters and the world to life in a style that only Tarantino could do.  This is the perfect chance for everyone who missed out on this classic when it was originally in theaters to see it on the big screen, and ticket prices are just $5.

One of the oldest Grateful Dead Tribute bands in the world, Shakedown Street, is performing at the Fox theater on Saturday the 25th.  This Colorado born band began back in 1987 and has accrued a following of loyal fans throughout the rocky mountains over their many years.  Shakedown revels in improvisation and allowing the music to guide them through their performances, just like their inspiration.  With over 200 songs in their catalog to play, this band can perform day after day without repeating a single one.  Tickets range from $12.50-$15.00 and is open to all ages.

Jesse graduated from CU Boulder in 2014 with an English degree in Creative Writing. He has been writing independently ever since a high school teacher inspired him with a simple assignment to write whatever he wanted after struggling to follow a writing prompt. Since then, Jesse has been writing every day and continues to work on getting his writing published. It was that one spark that sent Jesse on a path not just toward pursuing his own writing, but to go into education in the hopes of awakening a similar passion in others. To keep his creative juices flowing, and keep a healthy balance, he also enjoys exercise of almost every kind and keeping a healthy diet. In his free time he enjoys seeking out new and interesting stories of all kinds, watching foreign media, and sometimes just relaxing and looking out the window for a while. Since coming to Boulder at the age of 3, Jesse has found no shortage of inspiration here.