Z web

Some people have the gift of putting everybody around them at ease and Z, with his easy drawl and friendly smile, is most definitely one of those people.

Z is a self proclaimed “open book” and the conversation flowed effortlessly outside a coffee shop in small-town Lafayette on a crisp, clear, sunshiny day. Originally from Oklahoma, Z moved to Boulder County 10 years ago. As a kid, he spent time in Colorado each year on vacation and the draw of our great state eventually led he and his wife back here to make a home. They currently live in Lafayette where Z opened Curating the Cool a few years ago. The shop is a mix of vintage and local goods that makes it easy to lose time taking in all the fabulous eclecticness. (Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s an actual word…just go with it.)

Z’s store is a wonderful representation of his life, he has done a bit of everything from sales to flipping houses to admin to Assistant Dean of Admissions for Naropa University in Boulder to film & television and has a get-up-and-go attitude that is infectious and seriously inspiring! He lives by the idea, “If you aren’t growing, you are dying. This is true with business and life.”

You can find Z hanging out at the local breweries, coffee houses, concerts and movies. He really appreciates the music scene that the area offers and being able to walk almost anywhere he needs to go. Z loves people and it shows. When he’s not around town, Z’s watching movies or playing video games and just enjoying life.

It was super fun chatting, Z, looking forward to running into you around town!