Friday - September 25, 2020

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Featured Artist: Wonderlic

June 20th, 2020

  This week, I sat down with Michael Whalen, guitarist and vocalist for Denver-based funk/jam band Wonderlic, to talk about their new album, what it’s like to be a band in this area of the country, and how surprisingly similar jazz and jam bands really are. To backtrack a bit, Wonderlic features Allen Galton on electric mandolin and vocals, Michael Whalen on guitar and vocals, and James Dare on bass. They see a rolling cast of drummers: Ryan Elwood, Zach West, and sometimes the original drummer on their first album, Alejandro Castano. They’re often joined on stage by friends... Read More

Featured Artist: Envy Alo

April 22nd, 2016

  Last Friday, I went to see local prog-funk trio Envy Alo at the Boulder House (right next to the Rio), which was once Absinthe House. Throughout the show, I couldn’t help but scrawl names of the artists that I love, whose influence I heard in Envy Alo. I heard a little bit of the Soft Machine, some Pink Floyd layered with bluesy vocals, threads of Surrealistic Pillow, and even a little early Radiohead in there somewhere. What is really striking is the fact that there’s almost a wall of sound effect, yet it comes from only 3 musicians. Envy Alo is Kevin Hinder on guitar, Aaron... Read More