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You may not believe it, but Boulder’s hottest community hangout isn’t inside a brewery or artisanal coffee shop. It’s in a running store. A holistic health oriented, custom insole building running store named Flatirons Running.

Just ask 98-year-old CU Professor Emeritus William Weber. He’s in the middle of a head-to-head cribbage match with Flatirons Running’s co-owner and recognized “Foot Whisperer” RL Smith. The two play the card game on one of the store’s plush lounge areas, Weber’s wooden cane splayed diagonally on a green bench.

“We have people who come into the store just to do their knitting, or sit on our couches to work, and connect with others in the community,” says Flatirons Running co-owner Tricia Vieth. “Running brought them to the store, but now they’ve found a network.”

It’s hard not to feel comfortable at Flatirons Running, what with the soft lounge chairs, Ms. Pac Man arcade games, and Ozo coffee machine roasting a fresh brew in the corner. To those who normally purchase running gear at a Nike Factory store, Flatirons Running’s warm, eclectic vibe (a mix between a college dorm lounge, zen garden, and runner’s dream closet) is a welcome change.

“It is important for businesses to realize that while the bottom line is important, it’s not as important as creating a connection with the community,” says Flatirons Running co-owner and running specialty technician Henry Guzman. “Other companies, they are beholden to their shareholders. We are beholden to ourselves and our community.”

Perhaps no other running store is as attuned to the running community as Flatirons Running. Tricia Vieth is the Head Track Coach at Boulder’s Fairview High School. Henry Guzman is a co-owner and coach for Beyond Limits, an athletic training program for children and adults with disabilities. And, on the eve of his leg amputation, Flatirons Running hosted a party and fundraiser for Boulder resident and runner Dave Mackey at their store.

“I just feel better as a human when I’m helping other people,” says Vieth. The former high school state champion runner is at the center of Flatirons Running’s warm and inclusive atmosphere. She takes pride in remembering her patrons by first name.

“They aren’t just customers,” Vieth says. “They are our neighbors, our friends, our family. Our store is a place for everybody in the community.”

And she’s right. Whether you’re a member of Flatirons Running’s monthly “One World Running Book Club,” a regular at Wednesday Night Fun Runs (a night that begins with a runner’s high and ends with Under the Sun pizza and Avery Brewing Company beer), or looking for a cribbage partner, Flatirons Running has a place for you.

Want in on the fun?

upcoming Flatirons Running race: Winter Classic 4 Miler

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OR join the Wednesday Night Fun Runs:

OR visit the brick-and-mortar:

629 South Broadway, Suite E

Boulder, CO 80305


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