Thursday - January 17, 2019

Luke Hathaway Director of Social Media

Luke Hathaway was born and raised in Boulder. Both of his parents are CU alumni, but Luke chose to study Creative Writing at CSU, where he worked hard to master the craft of writing and teaching. After studying creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, literary theory, and French, Luke returned to Boulder, excited to put his artistic mind to work in the city he loves the most. During his four-year, academic stay at CSU, Luke became an award-winning essayist and a teacher of English as a second language to foreign exchange students in the Intensive English Program. He continues to write poetry and creative fiction/non-fiction every day—whether for work or simply out of necessity-driven pleasure—this passion, he says, is a flame that will never seize to glow. Luke also loves photography; real-life people and nature are his two favorite subjects to capture with his writing and photographs. He is forever seeking stories, so if you see him writing outside a café downtown, or leisurely sauntering along thoughtfully, a camera around his neck, don’t hesitate to visit with him…he would love to hear your story.

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