We are a team of 3 that have been creating a VIRTUAL donation database for NEW and GENTLY USED large furniture pieces for the families affected by the Marshall Fire. This database will be shared with people affected by the Marshall fire when they find a new home.  If you are able to VIRTUALLY DONATE (Send details but hold onto furniture until it has a home) please send the below details to marshallfurnituredonations@gmail.com.

  1. List of donor furniture
  2. Town/city furniture is located in
  3. If you are able to deliver
  4. Phone #
  5. PHOTOS OF ALL PIECES (this is particularly important as it is how the families will shop)

Please understand these are VIRTUAL DONATIONS and can take weeks to be placed in a home. Once selected by a family you will be contacted to schedule a pickup/dropoff.

In addition to furniture donations, we desperately need volunteers to help execute deliveries. This involves picking up furniture from point A(donors home) and delivering to point B(family displaced by fire). If you are interested in volunteering time and muscles please email marshallfurnituredonations@gmail.com with your availability, car size and contact info.

If you, or someone you know have been affected by the Marshall Fire and are in NEED of furniture please email marshallfurnituredonations@gmail.com and we will assist in refurnishing your home.